About Great Well
Specializes in the manufacture
of aluminum alloy extruded products

Techniques & Innovations

Great Well invests considerable research funds each year on R&D and process innovation to build a strong production know how to stay at the industry forefront.

Superior Teams

Great Well has research and development and quality control personnel account for 10.8% of the company. Its team demonstrates professional capabilities in a series of processes such as material characteristics, design, development, testing, correction, and production. At the same time, the company actively exchanged professional knowledge with schools at all levels and provided materials to academic institutions for research to strengthen the concept of industry–university collaborations.

Advanced Equipment

The production equipment is customized according to the company's strategic, and adjusted after obtaining data on production performance. In the future, the company will strive to promote intelligent equipment to amplify the maximum efficiency of aluminum alloy production processes.

Core Techniques

Production statistics are a source of process improvement and development innovation. Based on this, Great Well formulates the production process to control grain structure, thickness of the grain layer of the material, and the customized mechanical strength.
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