About Great Well
Specializes in the manufacture
of aluminum alloy extruded products

Core Value


Proactive communication with customers
Benign competition with competitors
Honest cooperation with suppliers

Service as core values

The one-stop service concept improves the efficiency of products for customers, consolidates the cooperative relationship between the two parties, and becomes an important long-term partner that customers trust.

Quality assurance reliability

Stable quality is the key characteristic to worldwide and the starting point of business management; meanwhile, build up intellectual capital management and sustainable Competitive Advantage.


Become a global professional manufacturer of high-end aluminum products, and work with customers to build a strong competitive team in the professional field. We must be more forward-looking and insightful to understand the trends and be elastic to reflect the market evolutions.


Offering Benefits
Offering benefits to employees
Trust, respect individuals and employees. Its attach importance to the education and training of employees and the improvement of functions, and creates a sense of belonging to Great Well through a harmonious working environment and communication channels.
Creating Value
Creating value for customers
Listen to customer needs, fulfill customer needs, and then exceed customer expectations. Maintain high-quality products, continuous process innovation, create global competitiveness for customers, and make every effort to develop win-win and mutually beneficial relationships with customers.
Pursuing social responsibilities for world
In order to fulfill the mission of social enterprises, we use conflict-free mineral materials and are committed to the development of new products. Its have expanded the scope of aluminum alloy products to achieve the goals of energy conservation, carbon reduction, and sustainable use of resources.
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